Best One Click Root Apps For Android

We all know that rooting an Android phone is a pain in the ass, especially when you are not sure of which method will suit the best for your device model.
If you would have previously tried rooting your phone, I am pretty sure that you must also have been in the dilemma. You would also have been scratching your head, googling for solutions and what not. Trust me, everyone(most of us) go through the same.

2 Ways of Rooting an android phone

Now, in case you do not know, there are two broad ways of rooting an android phone. Either you can root your phone by connecting it with PC and then run some commands on your computer to root your phone, or you can use the so-called “One click root” apps available out there.
The former option obviously is more difficult but the success rate is high in that method. While the latter method is much easier but the success rate is comparatively less.
A lot of people ask me which method would suit them the best. Below is my answer for the same
If you are a not-so-techy person, and you are just following a tutorial to try the PC method, then I would suggest you refrain from rooting your phone via PC. Chances are there that you may end up getting your phone bricked and might face more problems.
Alternatively, you should try rooting via one-click-root apps and in case that method fails, you can try rooting via PC.
However, if you are sure of what you are doing, and are aware of how rooting works, then you should definitely try the PC method of rooting.
Now, I hope that you are aware of which method you are going to choose for rooting your phone.
Let us proceed with the article then. So in this article, I am not going to consider that “Rooting via PC” method. We are going to talk only about “One click root” apps.
If it evident from the title itself, that this is a listicle and I will list few of the best one click root apps in the market.
Without further wait, let us proceed.

Best one click root apps for Android

There are literally tons of one-click root apps available in the google play store and outside. But most of them are useless. When I say useless, I mean it. As a part of an experiment, I tried various root apps to root my phone, but most of those app weren’t able to root it.
So I will not share many one-click root apps with you. I will only share those apps, which are actually worth getting included in this article.
Below are top three one-click root apps to root your android device.

#1 TowelRoot app by GEOHOT

When it comes to rooting, Towelroot is the best in the business. Though this app is not much popular(as compared to other apps like KingoRoot etc) but in my opinion, it is still the best one click root app available in the market.
One of the major reasons why I like TowelRoot over other apps is that it is amazingly fast. Rooting a device takes anywhere between 1 minute to 5 minutes. Secondly, it is very easy to use(I know, most one click root apps are). All you need to do is open the app and click on the “Make it rain” button and then wait.
In few minutes, either you will get the success message or the failure message. The chances of getting the success message are more because of two main reasons. First, Towelroot app supports most of the android devices. Secondly, the success rate of TowelRoot is better than others.
TowelRoot is not available in the Google Play store and that is the reason why the towelroot apk has to be downloaded and installed. Rest, using the app is really very easy.
Final Verdict: Despite being less popular than its counterparts like KingRoot, TowelRoot is still the best one click root app in my opinion.

#2 FramaRoot by alephzain

Second one click root app that I love the most is FramaRoot. FramaRoot application is developed by an XDA Member named alephzain. FramaRoot is a one click application that will root your phone and will install superuser and Su Binary on your phone.
The installation process is really very simple. All you have to do is to install the Framaroot app on your device and then click on the root button to start rooting. Rest all will be managed by the app.
Here is a precaution, do make sure that your battery is above 70% before you start the rooting process. You have to make sure that at any condition, your phone doesn’t switch off while rooting.
For more information about the app and the FAQs and the download links, please go through this XDA Thread

#3 KingRoot

The third app which I finally look for when none of the above applications work is KingRoot. If you have previously done a bit of research on rooting, then it is probable that you might have previously encountered this app.
To be honest, KingRoot is the most popular one click root apps out there in the market and the main reason behind that is it ranks on the top of Google for the most rooting-related keywords.

Final Words

If you ask me which app of these three I would prefer, then for me the order of preference would be TowelRoot > Framaroot > Kingroot
However, it all depends on which app works for you. For some, KingRoot might be able to root their phones while FramaRoot might fail in the process. While for others, TowelRoot might be able to root their phones.
So my advice would be to split test and find out which of these apps work best for you and also let me know in the comment section down below.
And lastly, if none of these apps succeeds in rooting your device, then do a google search for the rooting method of your phone and follow the PC method for the same.
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