5 Benefits To Using An Amazon Keyword Rank Tracker

Listing your products on Amazon is pretty simple. However, making commendable sales requires a lot of effort. This is because there are many sellers that list similar products at any given time. Competition among products is therefore very stiff. You can actually have the best merchandise and yet record zero sales. The stores that record the most sales are those that are seen more often by shoppers. That’s why you should consider using an Amazon keyword rank tracker. In a nutshell, this tool lets you see the phrases that used more often by internet users as they search for their favorite products on the retail store. Below is a list of benefits that are experienced by merchants that use this amazing tool.

1. Helps in Utilizing Keywords

When you use a keyword tracker, you are able to tell which phrases are likely to attract buyers to your store. Without such a tool, you can be tempted to use keywords that are not relevant to the products that you have listed. In case you didn’t know, Amazon is a search engine of its own kind. This is because the retail store is used by thousands of people every day. If you make a mistake of using keywords that rank poorly, it will take ages for your products to be noticed. You must there optimize your listings to increase their chances of appearing in the first page of products search results.

2. Keeps You Posted on Emerging Keywords

The world of keywords is very dynamic. You can’t, therefore, do your homework once and for all. If you don’t want to be left behind, you must continue updating yourself. This is because the ranking of keywords keeps changing as new generations of buyers trickle into the marketplace. You will rarely find a keyword that has not dropped in the ranking results. The keywords that generated a lot of traffic 5 months ago may not attract any visitors today. This is due to the fact that shoppers don’t use the same search phrases all the time. Using a keyword tracker will, therefore, keep you in the know.

3. Helps You Pick the Best Niche Market

While you are allowed to sell almost anything under the sun on Amazon, its the products that are needed the most that will earn you the most money. When you opt to go blindly without a keyword tool, you may select a niche market that’s too crowded. And when supply is high, the demand will sink south. A keyword tracker can help you in identifying fast moving products. This is because the tool keeps a record of the terms that are used the most by shoppers.

4. Makes it Easy to Monitor Rivals

Your rivals are other businesses that trade in the same products that you have listed on your store. In other words, they are merchants whom you compete with for the market share. Whether you are competing with established brands or new entrants, you must know what they are doing or risk losing customers. A keyword tracker actually gives you an edge when you are hunting for such information. This is because you can get first-hand details on the keywords they use to optimize their product listings and counter their actions by picking the most advanced and sophisticated phrases.

5. Enhances Conversions

Integrating keywords with your product listings is a bit tricky. This is because you have to use the correct phrases to ensure that you reach out to the correct audience. When you use appropriate keywords, you will attract visitors who need exactly what’s listed on your store. This will result in more conversions because your visitors will not be tempted to bounce away in search of another store that stocks the products they so much need. Besides that, keywords compliment the other efforts you make when promoting your products. The right keywords can earn you visitors drawn from organic searches, which in return help you save money on marketing campaigns.

Ashutosh Jha
Ashutosh is a blogger and writes on TricksRoad.

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