5 Tips to renting the perfect villa on vacation


Nothing elevates you to the A-list status like when you can rent a whole villa. It has considerable glamour. Luxury villas are a great alternative to staying at a hotel. Villas have a subtle way of immersing you into the local culture of the community and you live among locals. Villas offer autonomy and privacy more than a hotel can offer.

A checklist

Get a list of must-haves and budget for the villa you intend to hire. There are so many amenities that one must check out in the villa.

  • Always look at the villa layout. Find out the structural organization of the villa and how the villa is subdivided and how apartments are connected. Single-level villas are meant for senior travelers or families with toddlers.
  • Also look for the number of bedrooms, showers or bathtubs.
  • You may want to pay attention to the types of views that are offered in the villa as well.
  • Child-friendly amenities are important.
  • Number and size of beds and furniture are also important.
  • Wi-Fi access, handicapped access and the availability of staff is all important to consider before booking a villa.

Look beyond the price

Villas vary in price in comparison to hotels; however, with villas, you get all access to all amenities and bedrooms. With villas, you get to shop for food at a local store. Villas come with privacy which is the prime advantage, check out the extent in which the family gets private time. With a villa, you can be able to put kids to bed and still enjoy a pool date in the evening with your better half. Consider the extra services not included in the retail price. This is always the tipping point when comparing villas. Extra services are important such as an onsite chef, bike, sauna and spa features.

Reviews and references

References pan out when selecting a villa. References mean you are relying on first-hand reviews of the villa from people you deem trustworthy. Online reviews provide a vast wealth of info on the good, the bad and the ugly of these rentals. It’s virtually almost impossible to find that someone hasn’t written about a villa rental.

To beat negative reviews and reference villa owners always look for new ways to revamp their rentals and putting more amenities is the way to go for most. Remember to check the dates of the reviews to get abreast of the changes. Some negative comments are a non-issue. Some guest should complain about nifty gritty things that can be fixing such as customer complaining about extra services charge yet the price doesn’t cover.

Book early to avoid disappointment

if you are hoping for a Christmas trip to Hawaii, Mexico or villas in Antibes, we can’t stress enough that popular villas get booked as early as six months prior. Decide on the look and feel that is important to you. Villas vary from vintage townhouses to rustic farmhouses. Some are cottages at the front of a white beach or a modern structure in the heart of the town. Many people have different ideologies of villas. Book exactly what you envision your dream to be.

The contact person

Establish the go-to person for emergency purposes during the vacation. In villas electricity could go out, taps could run dry, a refrigerator could go off or you could encounter pest invasion. Renting a villa is like living in the stranger’s house, anything could go wrong and you won’t know how to sort it out. Establish if there is a caretaker on site or how far they live from the villa. Larger villas have the staff to patrol the premises. The go-to-person will tell you about the local markets, restaurant, and shops and assist with itinerary planning.

Ashutosh Jha
Ashutosh is a blogger and writes on TricksRoad.

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