5 Tips to Remember Before Buying SSL Certificates Online


Hey Guys, do you hear about SSL Certificates? Or do you know what are they? I will explain each and everything here in this article about SSL Certificates and why you need an SSL Certificates for your website. So first of all let me clear you that what is an SSL? SSL Stands for Secure Socket Layer, which is created by Netscape and used to create an encrypted connection between Web Server and Web Browser.  

It is mainly using for the security purpose to make your website and transactions more secure.

What is SSL Certificate:

SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. When an SSL Certificate installed on the web server, it activates a padlock and HTTPS protocol that allow secure connection to a web browser. Mainly it is used to secure data transfer, credit card and other cards transactions, logins and also to ensure secure browsing on Social Media Websites.

So I think now you are planning to buy an SSL Certificate for your website. If I am right then read these tips before buying an SSL Certificate Online.

Tips to buy an SSL Certificate Online:

#1 Understand How to Choose a Perfect SSL Brand:

There are lots of brands available in the market that can provide best SSL certificate for your website or organization. It depends upon your organization behavior that which SSL Brand is perfect for you. So first of all sort out some best brands that are providing SSL certificate and know about their features. Let’s assume you are running an e-commerce website then EV SSL Certificate is the best for your business. Symentec, Geotrust, RapidSSL, and Thawte are the most popular brand in the market which is providing high-end security to their hosts.

As per Netcraft’s SSL survey of the year 2013 Symentec issued more than one third of all trusted SSL certificates. Godaddy and Comodo tool place on second and third place in the list with 29% and 15% market share respectively.

#2 SSL Certificate Provider Review:

Once when you select the Certificate brand then never buy immediate from the original seller of that brand. Make a search and make a list of authorized SSL Certificate Provider. I am recommending you this because authorized seller always sells certificates at very low prices in comparison to the original seller. Now when you complete the list of provider, you should check out what people are talking about their services from online resources or your professional circle. When you check reviews on internet about SSL Certificate provider then must check out whether they are giving money back guarantee, range of SSL Certificate brands, 100% customer support, and best deals on certificate or protection guarantee of online data.

#3 Pricing Structure:

It is the main thing that you need to know about the SSL Certificates. Once you shortlisted the SSL Provider, now compare the prices. There are many SSL providers like ClickSSL who offering huge discounts, coupons and deals on various SSL Certificate brands for their users. With the pricing structure also make sure that whether they are providing SSL Seal or warranty on certificates.

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#4 Customer Support:

Customer support is also important while buying SSL Certificate online from any authorized seller.  There are many service providers who claim that we are providing 24*7 hour customer support but in actual it is not reality. So make sure that which type of support they claim to provide.  Go for those dealers who provide complete installation support with Email or Online chat facility.

#5 Money Back Guarantee:

It feels great when you get your money back from the service provider if you are not satisfied with the product or service. So make sure that they are providing money back guarantee. There are some authorized SSL Certificate providers available in market that refunds you 100% money within 30 days if you are not satisfied with services, but you have to inform them within 30 day from installation.

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Over to you

So if you own a business where online transactions occurred or you invite your users your signup or login. On this point, security matters a lot and you must use an SSL Certificate for your domain so you can’t face any unethical issue from hackers or scammer. SSL is also beneficial for other websites too because according to Google Latest Algorithm Update, it give the importance to that website that have SSL Certificate. So it is important to keep these points in your mind while you are going to purchase a Doman SSL Certificate for your web server.

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