5 Tips to Filling Out a ss5 Form

ss5 form filling tips

Form ss5 is what you fill when looking to replace your social security card. While filling this form may be a walk in the park for most people, it can be a challenge, especially if you a new in the U.S. To help you out, here are 5 tips to filling out an ss5 form in the U.S.A.

1. Input the names as they were in the previous card

When looking to replace your card, make sure that the names you input in the ss5 form are the same as they were in the previous card. For women who were married but got divorced before the replacement, they have to include their maiden name in the ss5 form. The reason for this is that the system is computerized, and is designed to search for your name as you had originally input them. Any alterations will forestall the whole application process.

2. Input the correct mailing address

When filling out the ss5 form, make sure to input the correct mailing address. This can make all the difference between getting your card on time, and have to spend time following up for a lost card. The trick is to always double-check that you have used the correct mailing address, before submitting the form. In case you are applying for someone, have them confirm their home address before you submit it. With the correct mailing address on the form, you should have the replacement card within 14 days. It usually takes shorter than that in most cases.

3. Sign the form with a blue pen

Once you have filled the form, you are required to sign it. While you can sign it with a black pen, it is always advisable to sign the document with a blue one. That’s because a blue pen makes it clear that the signed document is the original copy, and not a photocopy. Removing any misconceptions on whether you have uploaded an original or a photocopy can hasten the process, and allow you to get your card in the shortest time possible. It’s about making the verification process easier, for your own good.

4. Input the correct phone number

While the social security administration rarely calls, it is important to input the correct phone number in the ss5 form. That’s because in case the administration calls you for any clarification, it can easily be done without them having to look for you through other slower methods. This saves you time and allows you to quickly take advantage of opportunities where your social security card might be a necessity.

5. Remember to input the date of application

The date is one of the most important aspects of the ss5 form. That’s because you are supposed to receive your card within 14 days from the date of application. As such, if you input the wrong date, you might have to wait longer for you to get the card. A mismatch between the date you tender the form and the date written on the form can also complicate the process, further wasting your valuable time. To avoid this, ensure that you input the correct date on the form.

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Ashutosh is a blogger and writes on TricksRoad.

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