5 Reasons to Give Gmail Fax Pro a Try This Year

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If you have used a fax, then you know that it isn’t cheap. From the machine to the paper involved, it can be a slow and expensive affair. But that’s no longer the case thanks to Gmail fax pro. Thanks to this service, sending out fax has never been easier. Just in case you can’t wrap your head around the idea of Gmail fax, here are 5 reasons to give Gmail fax pro a try this year.

1. It is super fast

We are in the information age, and how fast we can communicate makes a difference in the quality of life we have. Unfortunately, traditional faxing doesn’t give you this luxury. That’s where Gmail fax pro comes in. Through this fax service, you don’t need to input any papers into a faxing machine. You just need to make a few clicks on your computer and you will be good to go.

2. There is automatic receipt of fax messages

Unlike in traditional fax machines where you have to be next to a fax machine, with Gmail fax pro, you can access all your fax messages from anywhere. That’s because your fax messages are sent directly to your Gmail inbox. In essence, you can receive fax from pretty much anywhere. Reason being that Gmail is accessible from pretty much any mobile device that has internet. That’s the kind of convenience that can go a long way in improving your business communication.

3. It allows you to store fax messages on Google drive

With traditional fax, the more the number of messages you receive, the higher the paperwork that you have to pile up. That’s completely unnecessary with Gmail fax pro. That’s because you can store all your fax messages on your Google drive. Google drive is cloud-based, meaning that you can store as much information as you wish, without having to procure any storage devices. This can cut on your operating costs, savings that you can transfer to other aspects of your business. This can help your business get ahead faster than your competitors.

4. It is highly secure

Part of the reason why people have stuck with fax irrespective of the changing nature of communications technologies is its security features. However, you will be happy to know that Gmail fax pro is as good as traditional fax when it comes to security. That’s on top of its other features such as flexibility since you can access your messages through mobile devices.

5. Google gives you a dedicated fax number

One of the best aspects of Google fax pro is that Google gives you a dedicated fax number to serve all your needs. This means that you will never have to deal with missed faxes since you can always check your Google number for any new fax messages. That’s the kind of convenience that every business person needs in this day and age when information is key. Even better, you can use this number from any country. Google fax pro will just port the number for you.

These were some of the best benefits of using Gmail Fax Pro. These business Gmail tips will help you manage and use Gmail fax in a better way.

Ashutosh Jha
Ashutosh is a blogger and writes on TricksRoad.

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