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5 Killer ways to Increase Organic Reach on Facebook


Hi folk, as you all know Facebook was started to exchange messages among the students or you can say it was for the students. But due to its popularity, it didn’t take more time to be a part of advertisement and marketing for businesses. And today it is a great hub to promote a business.

As you know in 2007, Facebook launches Brand Page facility which allows businesses to create a business profile on Facebook and can interact with their fans as well. So it became a free platform to promote a business or products but what do you think Facebook didn’t plan to get benefit from it. They planned it very well so they make it harder to reach your content to your fans by implementing some algorithms that cause reducing your post reach. Along with they introduce sponsor post feature to spread your content to more audience. But if you don’t want to pay then how to increase Facebook Fan page Reach.  I am going to share some killer tricks to increase organic reach on Facebook Fan page.

How to Increase Organic Reach on Facebook?

Follow “Content is King”:  

I know you ever heard this sentence that “Content Is King.” But it is 100 and 1% true that content is the main factor of a marketing campaign. Let me explain how it is King. Suppose you are a fan of any brand then which type of posts you have expected from them. I am sure you think that they must be attractive, useful and informative as well as simple to read and understand. Same the way your fans too want from you. Provide them in which they are interested so they can like, comment and share with their friends. Now I think you will understand the value of content.

Use Facebook Insight:  


Facebook Insight is a hidden gem provided by Facebook. There is a rule of marketing that “The more you know your audience, the better”.  Facebook Insight helps you to gain more information about your audience. Facebook Insight provides you five type of information in 5 separate tabs: Like, Post, Reach, People, and Visits.

Like: Like tab provide you all the information who like or unlike your page and how and from they like your page in selected time period and even you can know how many you got paid like and organic like.

Post: Post tab contains the information about your content based on post type, targeting, total reach, time of day, and engagement.

Visit: Visit tab contain the information that on which tab your fan visited that is on About Tab, or Like Tab or any Custom Tab.

Reach: Reach is an important factor and this article also based on this single factor. This Tab contains all the information about your post that how many people seen your post, how many people make like, comment and share as well as how many people Hide, Report as Spam, and Unlikes your post.

People: People Tab provides you the information that who likes you page (men or women) and where from there are. You can compare people reached versus people engaged.

Embed You Post With Your Blog: 

It is also a tricky way to increase your organic reach on Facebook without spending even a one cent.  It is possible that your audience is all over the web so who ever miss the post on Facebook they can find it on your website or blog and interact on your post directly from your blog or post.
Learn How to Embed Facebook Post with your Website/blog

Post by F5 The Refresh.

Create Fan Page Relationship: 

If you are a blogger then you can understand the value of establishing good relationship is good for both. Same as creating a relationship with other fan pages works the same. You can establish with two ways

1) By sharing middle sized fan pages content on your fan page so they can notice you and will surely share your content too.

2) The other one is by Tagging their Page Name in your post. This will make them happy and they will make a good relationship with you.

Don’t Buy Facebook Likes: 

Yes it is an important point. Don’t try to buy Facebook likes from any one. There are too many people who are selling likes on fiverr and other online portals. It is little good to buy some likes when you are starting a brand page to attract fans by the showing only number of your like but they are not real fans. So it decreases the organic reach of post on Facebook. So I will suggest you to avoid buying fake Facebook likes. Try to gain like by your content because if you gain fan through your content then they will probably interested in your content and do any activity which helps in increasing organic reach.
Pages may see a decrease in likes after March 12, when Facebook removed likes from inactive Facebook accounts.

Bonus Tricks

Here are some more tricks that you should also follow to get success in Facebook Marketing.

Give a Reason to Comment, Like and share: Yes it is dam true that no one like, comment or share your content without any reason. So give them a reason to share, like or comment on your content.

Mix up Your Content with Images: According to me Images get more engagement than sharing a link. Please correct me if I am wrong. So I would like you to suggest that make a mix up of your content and links with images so you can engage more people.

Don’t Post tons of Promotional Content: I have a question from you that what will you do if you see tons of only promotional stuff in your news-feed. According to my point of view, you will unlike the page or unfollow for the future updates. If anyone does the same with your page, the result will be decreasing your post reach and engagement. So I would like to suggest that keep a balance by sharing all type of content by giving useful content to your audience.

Write Short and Simple: Always try to write simple, clear, short and understandable content which provide value to your fans. According to Facebook survey,

“Posts between 100 to 250 characters gets about 60% engagement”

Over To You: 

Hope you all love this article and learn something new from this article. I would like you to please add your tricks to make this article more useful. Show your love by sharing this article with your friends. Subscribe feeds for future updates.

Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar is the Founder of F5 The Refresh. He is an SEO Expert by Profession and A blogger by hobby, who writes on various topics like Online Earning, SEO, Blogging and a lot more. You can follow him on Social Media.

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