5 Crazy Photos Tell You How to Become a Successful Blogger


Hey, are you a blogger?

You said “Yes, I am…”

Another question, have you even dream to become a successful blogger…?

Again, you said “Yes, I am…”, or you said “No, I’m not…, because you ready success with your business”

Whatever you answered…, today I’ve got few photos for you, if you said “NO, I’m not…”

Those photos are the awesome photos. The crazy photographers took it —the Incredible, and awesome crazy photographers.

I didn’t see the outcome of those photos, but what I could recognize it’ll be the awesome photos.

Those incredible photographers strive to do their best working for achieving high classified successful.

You are a blogger, perhaps you aren’t interesting in what behind photographers did for taking their photos.

Or you’re interesting in that, though…! I’m not sure what about you.

Life is like taking a photo.

“Stay focus and capture it. If it isn’t good, take it again”.

Whatever the business you’re current doing, what behind isn’t a good story.

Am I right…?

I want to share my stories while I was trying hard to get successful. But I shared those stories so many times on my blog, thus I skip it here.

Today I’m not going to repeat my stories, but I’ll show you  how the bellow incredible work to get successful.

I hope those incredible photos will show you how to become a successful blogger — I sure, it wills.


This photo was taken by Adek Berry. I guess, when you see this photo, you’ll think about what crazy he’s current doing. Or what else you thought..?

Whatever you’re thought ofhim and his work, I’d suggest imagining the outcome of his photo.

I guess his photo will be an amazing photo. It’ll be able to attract million people emotion.

I found this photo on Facebook last week, and I shared that photo immediately.

Anyway, could guess how many people are talking about that photo..?

You said right, I guessed…

When I saw this photo on Facebook, it reached over 6k likes, 776 shared, and over 500 comments.

It’s a month publishing either none original publishing.

It was republished — yes, a guy re-uploads it to his Facebook profile.

I proof the original was at least 100k likes.

What the amazing job it is….!

As you can see his photo, he takes big risk behind of his successful. He stays in front of the gun machine without afraid of dying.

What is it related to blogging? You asked me…

Of course, it related to blogging and business practising.

I’m not telling you to write in front of the gun. I’m trying to tell your that blogging need to take risks — you must spend money for doing your business.

Blogging is your business. It’sabout using money and resources to make money.

If you want to become a successful blogger unless you understand how take risks of your business.

I told you that I will never to share you my story, but now I did…

Back in 2009, I was newbie blogger who strive to fight with other bloggers in the aim of achieving prosperity business.

I went to blogging without any right direction, and I did mistakes that time.

The most common mistakes I did is, I realized that blogging is free business, thus I went with free blogging platform like Bloggers.

The most mistakes are I still continue with Blogger, even I must brand my business. I should to spend money for hosting service and blog designing.

A reason, I was continuing with free CMS like Blogger is I’m afraid with lost my money.

I’m not so confident in myself and my business — I want to take a trial of blogging, but I didn’t try to build a realistic dream.

I went with Blogger for2 years before I learnt from my mistake. I found something that running behind successors’ opportunity.

Yeah, they take big risks! They’ve spent lots of money for implementing the business.

If you went through famous blogs, you’ll found those people tried to make themselves professional.

They spent lots of money to promote their business such as paying for paid posts and hiring freelancers.

They didn’t waste the time with free CMS system and free theme, but every stuff is premium.

I learn from those bloggers, and I started taking own risk.

I spend my first money for buying hosting service on Valentine’s Day of 2012.

What’re you recommending here..? You asked.

I didn’t recommend spending thousands dollars for running business, but you must spend few bucks for business branding.

You must grab self-hosted service and premium design for your blog, hire a freelancer to design a lot of your business.

I’m not going to recommend any resources here, but you can find out yourself at resource page in this blog.

You’re a big boy…, you have to do bigger for your business, stop afraid of any risks.

Also check :


I found this photo the same day. It was taken by Kawika Singson who did another incredible crazy working.

Isn’t it…?

As you could see in the photo, he’s standing over hottest mountain of volcano. The fire is going to burn his body, and his expensive camera.

Sure, how stupid work that successful people did….

Imagine if it boomed and what next…, everything will be nothing — he’ll disappear from this world. Ah…! I don’t want to imagine that.

I’m not going to explain youof taking a big risk again, but I want show the unique opportunity behind this stupid working.

There is nothing good such as your second chance…

He knows what his business opportunity is, and immediately he went to it.

He never cares how hard it is, how many obstacles there are, and both financial risks but what he knows is that it’ll be working for him.

Enstine Muki is the best example of how to become successful blogger.

He has spent lots of money to build an unique opportunity for his business.

He created 2 amazing works — Comment Author plugin and

He understands what will work for him.

The most of bloggers need 2 important things to improve business — they need readers and relationship.

They need to build community with visitors who reads their blog post.

Enstine understands above 2 opportunities, he created his wonderful products.

Comment Authors

It allows you to publish the list of commentators on your blog post.

You can say thanks, or talksomething to your community people and sent them the message.

Those commentators will be notified via email which was generated by Comment Authors plugin.

This feature helps you to make stronger relationship with other people who commented on your articles.

It’s also a brilliant idea to call them back again to your blog post.

It’s an awesome traffic generator. It allows you to create traffic campaigns of your blog posts.

You’ll be able to generate more traffic to your blog without worrying of search engine optimization.

The most important is that you can try it for free or paid.

Enstine got lots of reputation from those above product creation.

He gets more trust from other bloggers in amount ofcommunity, especially he made massive earning from those products.

You see, Enstine becomes a successful blogger who receive high classified successful of product creation.

If you want to follow what he did for business, you must find where the unique opportunities are.

You have to find out what opportunities those will be able to help you in growing your business faster.

I don’t care how hard you’ll be working, or how many obstacles will be there in front of the opportunities but you’ve got to get it done.

If you aren’t able to do it yourself, you have to hire expert freelancer to do it because you have no choice.

You’re working to build your own dream, or someone asks you to build that for them….

It isn’t an impossible for you to do something amazing because god gave you the power to do anything, you want.

What you have to keep in mind is to focus on what you’re doing, and trust on yourself.


Did you believe that every inspired must stand in front of a gun machine, or you must stay over the hottest mountain of volcano?

I don’t trust that so…

Sometimes, the most wonderful thing is so simple.

You no need to stand in front of the gun machine, or you have stay over volcano. What you need is that you have to find out how to make it inspired.

You see a man and a frog…no, it doesn’t look like a frog, but I don’t know how to say it in English.

It’s a simple animal, but man could make it as an inspired animal. He tried to make people love and accepted its beautiful (unknown source).

That’s a serious incredible man…

Sometimes your works are so simple. You thought nothing important or it’s an unnecessary — nobody loves to learn from you.

You wrong…,

The most amazing thing is always a simple. It’s almost nobody interested in it until someone recognizes its inspiration.

If you want to become a successful blogger, you’ll have to make simple work as an inspired.

A supper women blogger willbe the best example for this.

Who is she..?

She’s Adrienne Smith.

She didn’t spend lots to create incredible systems asEnstine. But she created own product using relationship as her opportunity – she knew what to make inspiration.

Maybe you knew Adrienne, or you may not.

Lots of bloggers said that Adrienne is the most active blogger who active in building blogging community. They called her a community supper start.

She used relationship as an important weapon to fight in frontier war of blogging. Every blogger are always afraid of her weapon.

The real relationship between Adrienne and her audiences helps her a lot.

She won the competitive advantages — her readers stay behind Adrienne — they help her to promote her business.

Isn’t what you want from your readers..?

Yea…! Of course, it is…

She earned thousand dollars from blogging because she’s doing well with building community.

Recently, she created her own product of online training, how build a blogging community. She has shared the core value of relationship and business.

Her product helps lots of newbies blogger to become a successful blogger under her directions. You should take a trail if you aren’t ready.

It’s a simple product ofrelationship strategy. But the most thing to make lots of people realized is she build well her brand using relationship.

Okay, let’s back to the topic!

A man goes under water because a simple animal. Adrienne connected and help lots of bloggers to do the business because relationship.

The man and Adrienne get successful because they trusted what they’re doing.

You also can follow their success by finding out the way get inspired yourself.

You were burned for getting inspiration…, you no need to do big to inspire your work.

You just look for simple thing you love and go with your way.

To get inspired business, you must always believe on what you’re doing…

I never dreamed about success. I worked for it – Estee Lauder


How many problems, obstacles, mistakes are behind successful stories of every entrepreneur?

It isn’t the hottest temperature, but it’s the coldest Iceland within lots of snow and wind.

A man with Camera, he tried to capture the amazing pictures — Ice lifes, or something else.

I don’t know…

The cool temperature is hurting his arms and the snow make his camera hard to take a beautiful photo.

See, the temperature, snow, and everything surround him are obstacles for his work. It isn’t easy for him to capture a good photo.

He isn’t going to give up his work. He stays focus and fight with the problem, and if he couldn’t do a better job, he’ll do it again — he’ll starts over the failures.

It’s so common fact of becoming a successful blogger. I may have to share another my story.

I’m so sorry, I missed my promise…

I’m not a success man in the story but I’m not a failure — I own the key of failure, so I’ll never failure.

A single fact of failure is to stop your breaths.

I remember, the first I started my blog I went to blogging without any right direction. I create a blog with Blogger, and I started my online business.

I did lots of stupid mistakes of my blog marketing such as copy other bloggers’ article, missed knowledge of SEO, and so many more…

I learnt along the way I go with blogging, and I made my first thousand dollars from my blog in 2013.

Isn’t an incredible work of myself? Absolutely I’m an awesome blogger. Gaga…!

I’d admit that before I made my first thousand dollars, I’ve deleted over 5 blogs of my own.

I did the mistake and I failed, but nothing important I could start over blogging after failed. Now, I made money. Right..?

Please do not give up your work because it’s only single key of successful.

I love chess, it teaches us how to live and work.

Have you ever play chess..?

I tell you a secret about chess game. If you to success to have to kind in mind of few thing.

  •  Plan steps and go forward
  •  Take your competitor reaction, adapt your plan
  •  Keep calm and careful your game
  •  If you failed, start over it.

It’s the most common life. Nobody success after burn, they need to work for it. There are many problems in front and behind the success.


It sounds the above photographer successes alone by using his camera, but it isn’t.

They’ve got a team…

That’s for sure! No individual or businesses are going to success without supporting from staffs, colleagues, families, and friends.

Either way, you could do Adrienne — you’re good at building relationship — it’ll take so much more time for doing this.

So, only the shortcut that gives you more effective is you need more people in your team.

You’ll have to find otherpeople such as your friends, colleagues, or anyone who have similar dream to join your business.

I found lots of bloggers are hiring freelancers, or staffs to support their business.

E.g Blog Eleena, they’re current looking for hiring freelance staffs and volunteers.

You no need to fight with many problems alone, your families such as your parents, wife, brothers, sisters, and so on.

Those people are the most people close to you. If you explain themyour dream, they’ll appreciate in helping you.

I found a couple blogger who ready became successful bloggers together — they are Ryan Buddish and Killie Cooper.

They now are enjoying their happiness together in a place, they called it a paradise — They’re living in an Iceland of Thailand.


Why do I just brief stories of those successful bloggers such as Enstine, Adrienne, and Ryan?

I guess you may want to read detail stories of them. Honestly, I just got small information of those people because I’ve read their posts.

It’s a piece stories, but they’ve gone a long way in their life.

There were so many obstacles, and bad stories behind those successful persons. If I try to write more about them, this post will be at lease millions words.

So, that why I just brief.

I’m not a lazy blogger, but I’m trying to tell you that  all successors went a long ways of their business. Some of them spent many years to get success.

Whatever the problem occurred to their business, they always do best to solve it.

If you want to become a successful bloggers, you have to follow what they did — you have to keep calm, continue your work.

If you look at the photo #6, you will photographer team is serious running so fast.

They didn’t success in taking the photo of the bear, but they found another success.

They did their job together, and they’ve got a good memory of biggest enjoying time with their team.

By the way, did you believe in god..?

I’m not…, but my best friends did.

One day feel fucking suck and disappoint with my fucking life.

My friend told me that “You are a son of god, you can do anything”.

I looked at him, and I continue asking him “But why I can’t make it better…?”

He answered me that “Yes, you can…, but just it isn’t the right time.”

It’s the most stupid and fucking answer, my friend gave me. But It motivated me to move on.

Unless I have a man that always understand, and support me every time I need help.

Sometimes, life is too much crazy. You cannot get anything you want…, but it isn’t means it’s impossible to get it.

The reason that you cannot get done is you’re yet find ways to configure that problem. Hence, you have to calm in working.

The problem always came with its solution, when it occurred in your life, a solution always be there…

Cheers for our dream, I wish you’ll be to make your first thousand dollar as what I did…, after read this post.

 Author Bio

Kimsea Sok, a jobless, blogger, and freelance writer. He have been blogging almost 6 years ago. He did lots of mistakes with blogging. Hence, he always love to share some great advice on starting a blog. He hope newbies blogger would improve after reading my post. If you want I wrote, you connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Subscribe RSS

Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar is the Founder of F5 The Refresh. He is an SEO Expert by Profession and A blogger by hobby, who writes on various topics like Online Earning, SEO, Blogging and a lot more. You can follow him on Social Media.

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