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4 Popular Ways to Promote Pay Per Call Business

pay per call business promotion

Pay per call business doesn’t mean you need a lot of budgets to get started. There are many methods using which you can easily promote your pay per call business. Here in this article, we will discuss all those pay per call business promotion techniques.

These techniques will help you a lot when you are looking to land more and more customers to your pay per call networks list and grow your business. Let’s start and see the 4 popular ways to promote your pay per call business.

#1 Social Media Marketing

No matter what business you are doing, social media plays an important role in this. You can promote your business on the leading social media sites for the maximum traffic, leads, and more important visibility. If you need more than the free promotion, you can go ahead with the paid ads as well. Facebook paid advertisement works amazingly well in such type of campaign. Even you can create some social campaigns and promote your business there.

#2 Offline Advertising

Offline advertising can be a wide range of area but here we are making it niche and talking just about the advertising done on the highway and traffic signals. Especially in the area where traffic is maximum, and signals get congested for a longer duration. In such an area, you can purchase some billboard advertising and place your company’s ad with some lucrative offers or catchy headlines. You will find an amazing response to billboard ads. As people usually get bored looking at the traffic red light and such useful ads can help them a lot.

#3 Print Advertisements

Have you ever received some ad prints coming to your home along with daily newspaper or milk box?

Yes, this is another effective and cheap ways to get your brand in every home. Now if you are doing pay per call business then all the houses won’t be your target customer, but the offices and organizations can be. Just get some printed material done and start targeting the way you can make the reach to these places from where you can get the targeted customers. The other way with the print media is to get on the convert of your targeted magazine, make cold emails, or be the sponsor of the related events. These are some of the best ways you can make most out of it.

#4 Video Ads

Have you also started a huge increase in ads in YouTube videos?

Yes, video ads are becoming the top choice for the advertises to get to their targeted audiences and so the same you can do too. Make some eye catchy ads with split testing and run to the YouTube or the other video platforms like Vimeo and start getting customers.

You can either explain your pay per call business in the ads or simply show an example of how advertisers are getting benefits from pay per call ads.


These were the top 4 methods of promoting your pay per call business to the targeted audiences in the budget. If you got any better tips, feel free to share in a comment.

Ashutosh Jha
Ashutosh is a blogger and writes on TricksRoad.

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