2019 Instagram Marketing – Dot’s and Don’ts for Posts for Likes


If you think that Instagram is all about images of sunsets, shots of nature, food items, and fashion, then you are thoroughly mistaken. Instagram is on a steady growth both in terms of loyal users and also in terms of effective consumer engagement, which makes it one of the top marketing platforms lately for any business.

There are about 600 million users active on Instagram every month, and approximately 95 million images and short videos are shared through this platform a day. Altogether, these videos and photos garner about 4.2 billion likes a day. As a digital marketer, you must check if your posts were able to generate at least a minimum fraction of such an engagement.

If you get more users actively engage with your brand, then you stand a better opportunity to be heard by them and ultimately generate more leads and sales. Further, we will discuss some tips for marketers to adopt in 2019 in terms of using Instagram in a better way for business.

Do’s for Instagram likes.

1. Post regularly

As in case of any social media platform, if you are bothered with your brand presence, one should be committed to posting regularly and effectively to keep in touch with the users. Maintaining an Instagram account with nothing posted for many weeks or months cannot be counted as an account at all. The number of posts you make should be based on what valuable information you got to share with them. Refer to инстаграм лайки for further details.

2. Do interact closely with your customers

Even though limited in features, when compared to many other social networking platforms, Instagram skill put forth many avenues to interact with the customers through:

  • Getting more likes
  • Getting and replying to Comments
  • Private messaging with the users
  • Regrams

3. Let your customers create content for you

Encourage your followers and customers to create engaging content for your brand. The User-Generated Content (UGC) from satisfied customers is identified as very authentic and testifies the loyalty to your band. Try to capitalize on this avenue if you are a solid business in the industry. You may also initiate contests like the users featuring your products on the images they post and get a chance to win prizes etc.

4. Invest in high-quality images to tell stories

You can use good images to tell your story on the photo-sharing platforms of Instagram. It is not easy to create such an impact on this visual platform without high-quality photos. So it important to invest in preparing some top-quality content to post on Instagram. Make sure that your content is original and authentic. It is also important to make it unique and admirable to the users. Providing tell-tale stories to your audience will help you get them effectively engaged with the content and further convert them into business.

It is preferable to get the assistance of a skilled and strategic Instagram marketer’s support if you are not confident about preparing Instagram content and deciding the frequency of posting it.

Anna Duke
Anna Duke is a freelance content writer and blogger, she writes on law or immigration. She loves to spend our free time with family.

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