10 easiest ways to save water in the kitchen


The whole cosmos is the galaxy of energy; there are different forms of energy like:

  • Potential Energy
  • Gravitational Energy
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Elastic Energy
  • Thermal Energy
  • Kinetic Energy
  • Motional Energy

Do we really save our resources? Or we just use it in an unused way?

Have we ever thought about the next generation?

We never bother about that. The formation of energy is a natural process, if we disturb the nature, the whole cycle will be vague.

Food, air, water, and shelter are the basic or must needs of a human being, without this constraint a person cannot sustain. Whether we are in our dreams, awake, busy etc, we need air. Similarly, we need food and shelter for our well being.

We never like tasteless or colorless food, but we love the tasteless and colorless substance called as Water. Water is even required in the deathbed.

Imagine a day without water, we will only breathe but can’t even take food.

Some say water is blue in color; some say water has a certain color. But in reality water is colorless and the most purified form of nature. It acts just like a mirror.

But water is now a burning issue or burning topic, water wastage has become an everyday issue. We brush our teeth and keep the tap open, sometimes the water overflow from the bucket. Yes, the most important part is we don’t repair the leakage tap.

Taking the river as a whole, we wash our utensils; throw garbage and many other factors which make the water lose its essence.

We as a human being need it most, but we were the same person who destroys it or doesn’t value it.

Let’s take an example, it’s a sunny day after traveling from office to home you are exhausted but in the fridge, you find soft drinks, not water. Will you not search for water? Water is irreplaceable.

Sources of Water:

  • Ground Water- The groundwater is also called aquifers. The groundwater is found in between soil, cracks of rock etc.
  • Surface Water- The water from ocean, river, wetland etc is called surface water.

Uses of Water:

Water can be used for the varied purpose:

  • Agricultural Purpose- In the agricultural sector, a majority (percentage) of water is used for irrigation purpose or pesticide application.
  • Commercial Purpose- Water is the most important factor in different hotels, apartments, building etc.
  • Industrial Purpose- In industry basically for manufacturing process water is needed.
  • Domestic Purpose- It is a day to day uses of water for cooking, bathing etc.

Everyone is aware of Maslow hierarchy need theory, it explains:

  • Physiological Needs- It include, need for water, air shelter etc, the basic need of human beings.
  • Safety Needs- It covers income security, health etc.
  • Social Needs- It includes love, relationship, friendship etc.
  • Self- Actualization needs- What exactly the person wants.

The domestic purpose includes kitchen as well. Yes in the kitchen we require water starting from stepping into the kitchen till washing the floor.

Since water can be a limited resource, we should use it wisely. Nobody is asking not to use it, but it should be used in a smarter way so that wastage is reduced.

Let s take into consideration what are the uses of water / or how water is used in the kitchen: maybe it is for washing hands, utensils etc.

Why is water so important?

  • No matter, what it helps in evaporation cycle: evaporation cycle is an important form of nature.
  • it keeps our body hydrated
  • it maintains the body temperature.
  • Most importantly it helps the plants or tree to grow.

 The 10 easiest ways to save water in the kitchen

  • Washing in bulk amount–  Be it fruits, vegetables or any other food items, try to wash it using a bowl, rather than taking one by one under the tap(need space in kitchen sink). It will save time and water as well.
  • Avoid boiling the foods-Yes boiling the foods helps us getting rid of unwanted particles or eatables, but it is time-consuming & requires a lot of water. Instead of boiling we can switch to steaming, it uses less water along with deviating the nutrients or minerals from the food items.
  • Recycle and Reuse the water– When we prepare noodles, we first boil the noodles, the leftover water can be used for some other purpose like planting trees etc.
  • Defrosting– Defrosting is one of the smartest techniques to save water, we all have microwaves at home, we can use the defrost option rather than taking the eatables under the tap.
  • Effective use of Dishwasher– Dishwasher is a newly available technology, but we run water even if it’s not full of dishes. Avoid doing that. Make sure the dishwashers full only then please run the water.
  • Use small pan or pots– The smaller is the dish, the small amount of water is required. If you are only preparing pasta, don’t take a larger utensil; just choose according to the amount.
  • Keep an eye on leakages– Make sure that the kitchen is well insulated, the pipes and kitchen faucets are not broken, even if it is broken fix it at the earliest.
  • Change in lifestyle– Do predefine your menu and can switch to dry food items, which will make minimal use of water.
  • Make utmost use of Refrigerator– We all have advanced technology at our home but we don’t use it wisely. We all need cold water in summer or some people need cold water to be it any season. Rather than keeping a bottle in the fridge you can use a pitcher.
  • Avoid opening taps if you are washing the utensils manually– Everyone has a bad habit of keeping the taps open while washing utensils. Avoid doing the same.


Small things bring bigger change, it is not the work of one or two rather everyone should practice it.

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